Justice for the Targets of Workplace Sexual Harassment

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California workers have the right to work in an environment free from sexual harassment.1 Unfortunately, however, workplace sexual harassment still occurs far too often, creating a hostile work environment and real emotional distress for victims.

At Koron & Podolsky, LLP, our Sherman Oaks attorneys are ready to help the victims of sexual harassment fight back, hold their harassers accountable and pursue all available legal remedies. Known for providing aggressive legal advocacy, our lawyers have the knowledge, skills and experience victims can rely on for effective, superior representation in workplace sexual harassment cases.

How Sexual Harassment Can Happen at Work

Sexual harassment in the workplace often involves unwanted sexual advances, unwanted physical contact, and/or hinging employment opportunities on the performance of sexual favors. It can also be far more subtle, however, taking various other forms, including (but not limited to):

  • Leering and/or making sexual gestures
  • Displaying sexually explicit or suggestive pictures, images or objects
  • Making sexually charged comments or jokes
  • Making graphic comments about another person’s body or gender in general.

Additionally, workers should be aware that, when it comes to sexual harassment at work:

  • The perpetrator does not have to be of the opposite sex. In other words, sexual harassment can take place regardless of the genders of the perpetrator and the victim.
  • The perpetrator can be a supervisor, colleague, contractor or even a client.

Workplace Sexual Harassment Cases: More Important Information

  • Employers’ obligations – According to the California Fair Employment & Housing Act (FEHA),1 employers are legally obligated to prevent sexual harassment. This means that, in addition to taking reasonable steps to ensure a workplace free from sexual harassment, employers must also disseminate printed information to employees regarding sexual harassment (explaining the laws, the complaint process and the potential remedies).
  • Employer liability – When employers fail to take steps to prevent workplace sexual harassment, they can be liable for compensating victims even if management was not aware that the harassment was taking place. Additionally, victims will not have to prove that the sexual harassment resulted in some economic loss in order to be eligible for financial recovery.
  • Potential remedies – Depending on the details of a case, it may be possible for the victims of sexual harassment to obtain damages for their back pay, emotional distress, and attorneys’ fees. Punitive damages may also be available in some cases.

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1: California Fair Employment & Housing Act (FEHA)