Sherman Oaks Breach of Contract & Fraud Lawyers

Experienced help holding employers accountable for fraud & breach of contract

Experienced help holding employers accountable for fraud & breach of contract

Although California is an at-will employment state, employers are legally bound to honor the employment contracts they sign with workers. Similarly, employers are prohibited from grossly misrepresenting the terms of employment in order to fraudulently induce workers to accept a job.

When either of these violations occurs, impacted workers may have various options for holding employers accountable.

At Koron & Podolsky, LLP, our Sherman Oaks attorneys are dedicated to protecting workers’ rights and helping them stand up to the employers who violate them. Skilled at going up against big companies, our lawyers:

  • Are experienced at representing employees, union workers, independent contractors, and others
  • Have the resources, skills and insight you can count on for effective legal advocacy and superior representation in any breach of contract or employer fraud case.

How Employers Can Breach Contracts & Commit Fraud

Breach of contract can occur with written, implied and even oral employment contracts. While breach of contract claims can arise when employers fail to pay workers the contractually agreed upon wages or salary, they can also stem from employers:

  • Failing to provide the agreed-upon benefits, bonuses and/or commissions
  • Letting go of workers before the term outlined in a contract
  • Failing to promote workers according to the terms of the contract.

Some of the ways in which employers can commit fraud in their dealings with employees can include by falsely characterizing:

  • The duration of the employment relationship
  • The compensation the worker will receive
  • The working conditions, job duties and/or job schedule the worker can expect.

Additionally, it is important to point out here that:

  • An employer’s failure to disclose certain important information regarding a job can also constitute fraud.
  • Employer fraud can come in various other forms, unrelated to the employer-employee relationship. For these types of fraud cases, workers can proceed with whistleblower claims.

Breach of Contract & Fraud Cases: More Important Information

  • Proving breach of contract – Establishing that an employer is breach of a contract typically involves a careful review of the contract in question. When an implied or oral contract is involved, the case can be more complicated
  • Proving fraud – For employer fraud cases, it will typically be necessary to prove that the employer intended to misrepresent some aspect of the job, that misrepresentation was pivotal to the worker accepting the job or continuing to work in a specific position, and that the misrepresentation resulted in some harm or to the worker.
  • Potential remedies – Successful breach of contract and fraud cases can result in damages for back pay, lost benefits, and attorneys’ fees. Punitive damages and/or equitable remedies may also be available in some cases.

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