Fighting Back against Workplace Race Discrimination

Stand up to race discrimination with the help of our Sherman Oaks discrimination lawyer

Stand up to race discrimination with the help of our Sherman Oaks discrimination lawyer

Workplace race discrimination occurs when a job applicant or employee is treated adversely due to his or her race or racial characteristics, such as hair or facial features. While race discrimination at work can be emotionally distressing, it may also be financially damaging, potentially costing workers opportunities and income.

At Koron & Podolsky, LLP, our Sherman Oaks attorneys are dedicated to helping the victims of race discrimination at work fight back and pursue all available legal remedies. Known for providing aggressive legal advocacy, our lawyers offer the unique combination of large-firm resources and small-firm personal service to provide our clients with exceptional representation through all phases of litigation.

Examples of Workplace Race Discrimination

Race discrimination at work can arise in various ways. Some specific examples can include when, as a result of his or her race, a worker is:

  • Fired, laid off or demoted
  • Passed over for a job, training and/or promotion
  • Given unfavorable job assignments or work schedules
  • Paid less than colleagues in the same position and/or is not offered fringe benefits that are offered to other workers
  • Harassed or subjected to a hostile work environment.

Additionally, it is important to be aware that workplace race discrimination can also occur when:

  • A worker is treated unfavorably due to the race of his or her spouse and/or children or due to an affiliation with a race-based organization.
  • The harasser and the victim are of the same race.

Workplace Race Discrimination Cases: More Important Information

  • Filing cases – According to the California Fair Employment & Housing Act (FEHA),1 there is a one-year deadline for filing race discrimination claims. In other words, in order to pursue the available legal remedies under the FEHA, a workplace race discrimination claim has to be filed within one year of the date on which the discriminatory act took place.
  • Potential remedies – Depending on the details of a case, it may be possible for the victims of workplace race discrimination to obtain damages for back pay, lost benefits, front pay, emotional distress and attorneys’ fees. Punitive damages may even be available in some cases.

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1: California Fair Employment & Housing Act (FEHA)